Windows RT 8.1 issues

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As many people know, I am a big Microsoft fan.  I just like their products and they normally seem to just work for me.  Even the “horrible” Vista worked with very little problems (or at least ones that weren’t really Vista’s issues).  Now, I have been using the Microsoft Surface RT tablet since it came out and for the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with it.  And I had waited patiently for the update for Windows RT 8.1.. When it came out, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the community to test and report to Microsoft any issues.  Well, here are the list of issues I have noticed so far.

The largest issue I have found has been the Wi-Fi just losing the connection.  I have read a few blogs and forums that describe this issue as well. While, some people say they have to wait for hours to get it to reconnect, I just do a system restart and it works for a while again.  This was very frustrating as I am using SkyDrive to do some work and last night I had to keep restarting the tablet. I plan on checking my router and network connections again at the house, but since my wife who was on her laptop didn’t experience any dropped connections it was limited to the tablet.

The second issue I have noticed is that sometimes it will not come out of sleep mode. The screen just stays black and I normally just press and hold the power button to do a hard reset. Even then, it doesn’t always work and I normally press and hold the volume down keys along with the power button. This does seem to work as well. I notice that it happens more after it has been on charge for some time. This is mainly a annoyance since a few times I have been wanting to use the tablet to do a quick look up or research something.

The final issue I have experienced is that the screen will sometimes start jittering, shaking, or seem to not function with the keyboard (I have the touch cover) connected. To correct this, I just press the power button to put the tablet to “sleep”, then press it again to “wake” it up. Again, this is happening more since the update to Win RT 8.1 preview.

Now, before anyone goes off on this rant, I know that I downloaded the public preview/beta and will have bugs.  I am just expressing the bugs I have found.

All for now…

  • Posted by denzone
  • on Jul 22nd, 2013
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