About the creator …

Just a bit of information about me and why the site was created.

My name is Dennis (Dennis) French and have been involved in the technology field in one shape or another for many years.  This is not including my early fascination with technology and personal computers.  However, that early fascination helped get my sales position at Radio Shack which helped make the transformation from fascination to possible career.

After a few years at Radio Shack I decided to go back to school to finish my degree.  I liked the field of security and loss prevention and in a few years had my bachelors degree in Assets Protection Management.  Was very interesting, but a hard field to get into, I had been working at a bank and thought I could “slide” over to the bank security side, but seems they wanted more experience like being a police officer or similar profession.  I decide to switch gears and got A+ certified and did some studying, then found what I thought was a dream job.  Working with tech support at a small, but growing, university where I live.

That was in 2000, so I had finally gotten into the tech field and enjoyed it.  Helping others who where intimidated by technology felt great.  I am still at the university and over the years moved to help support different departments all who had different levels of intimidation fears of technology.  I most work with the students now who while are very knowledgeable with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they actually know little about how the system they use works.


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