MS Surface RT power problems

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I just want to say that the MS Surface RT is a great device and I feel that with the added known features that are being added in the next release (8.1) will further propel this device up the productivity ladder. However, I am going to say that on the the whole I like the product, I am just getting tired of the power issues I have started getting. So, I use the Surface RT for the better part of the day and need to put it on charge.  After a while getting the juice, I go to use the tablet.


No display or modern interface…

I press the power button; once, twice, three times and no joy. I press the volume button with the power button and still nothing.  I start randomly pressing the buttons in any order I can think of. Then out of the blue, it powers on… after I pull more of my hair out, and I really can’t afford to lose any more. The it operates like it should, until it happens again.

Now, I know I installed a prerelease OS upgrade and there will be issues, but this is pretty major and should be addressed as quickly as possible. Just very annoying when you have to wait to get a system up and running when it should already be on and waiting for your command.

My rant right now since it seems to be happening more regularly after charging after some heavy usage.

I’m out of here for now…

  • Posted by denzone
  • on Sep 6th, 2013
  • at 5:32 pm
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