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Just so every one knows, I do like MS products and really do think the Surface RT is a great product. But I am also open minded enough to be able to mention the faults as well as great they are…

Trying to connect my phone to my Surface RT… No joy It seems like it will not connect directly either with Bluetooth or the shared Internet on my Lumia 925…. I am guessing more troubleshooting is involved. Rants continue, but I know this isn’t the full release and I am not sure which device is […]

So, the other week my old first generation Windows Phone 7 device (HTC HD7) finally bit the dust.  I had nursed it along for the past year.  It was slow, but still worked as a decent phone.  I like to think that I kept the device clean from extra photos and videos that I didn’t need […]

So, been out of the loop for a short time, but tonight I will be doing a post on my experiences with the Microsoft Surface RT and reimaging it.  Also, will have some information about my new Nokia Lumia 925 I had to get since my old phone died a quick death.  So, check back […]

Now, it is pretty much known that I am not a big fan of Apple and I hated (and liked) the commercials that compared Apple products to Microsoft Windows. Especially when the facts were correct.  Here we go with more commercials comparing Microsoft to Apple with the Apple products going down…  Oh well, every company has […]

So, this week Microsoft opened the public beta upgrade for the Xbox 360 game console. Since I love the game console and try to do anything I can to test the updates, I followed the instructions and kept checking the Xbox home screen, but alas I never saw it. Then I just read today that […]

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