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Windows RT 8.1 issues

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As many people know, I am a big Microsoft fan.  I just like their products and they normally seem to just work for me.  Even the “horrible” Vista worked with very little problems (or at least ones that weren’t really Vista’s issues).  Now, I have been using the Microsoft Surface RT tablet since it came […]

So, now I have gotten the site set up, I am going to start writing some opinion reviews on various products, services, items, or just any random rant about things. I am going to try to stay on the positive side, but will post negative reviews as well. The first one will be tomorrow and […]

Now, it is pretty much known that I am not a big fan of Apple and I hated (and liked) the commercials that compared Apple products to Microsoft Windows. Especially when the facts were correct.  Here we go with more commercials comparing Microsoft to Apple with the Apple products going down…  Oh well, every company has […]

Passing the buck???

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Okay, just read this and it grinds my gears… why would a company who sold me a product be responsible for helping recover the item if it is stolen??? Smartphone theft I feel that we take full responsibility when it comes to the theft of our own items.  After we purchase the device it is […]

Dell buyout …

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I hope that this will be good news … While I favor Dell products I have noticed a slight decline in some areas. Click here for more information from MSN Money – Dell Buyout

Sleep??? why sleep …

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Up and at ’em 4:30 this morning, wish I could go back to sleep… On a good note, gives me some time to look at the site to make tweaks.  Now to try and write a paragraph or two.

So, this week Microsoft opened the public beta upgrade for the Xbox 360 game console. Since I love the game console and try to do anything I can to test the updates, I followed the instructions and kept checking the Xbox home screen, but alas I never saw it. Then I just read today that […]

Dollywood time

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Well, today we will be heading over to Dollywood. Never been, but have heard that it is a pretty good amusement park. Not quite the glamour as the Disney parks, but should be a great time. More to come … Oh, just to let you know, this is just a test on posting from my […]

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